Samsung launches Galaxy Smart Gear watch in September

After projects like Pebble and snow SmartWatch buyers have shown interest for smart watches Android, Samsung launches new Galaxy Gear, but a gadget that is designed to connect to the company’s smartphones.

Introducing Samsung Galaxy Gear will be held in Berlin, September 4, two days before the start of the conference IFA 2013. Even though Samsung has been working for some time on a flexible display technology is not yet used for clock intelligently.

Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch
Samsung Galaxy Gear specifications include a 2.5-inch touch screen with 320×320 resolution, and a dual-core processor. Unlike gadgets designed to work without a phone, smart watch Samsung aims to extend interactivity to the smartphone.

Gear Galaxy gadgets will connect via Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity with a particular application and how it will be available exclusively for use with Samsung and not other Android smartphones.

Along with intelligent watch Samsung Galaxy Gear, the South Korean company plans to present at the IFA and the new Galaxy Note 3, which might be able to shoot video in 4K resolution.

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